Best 25 Instagram Spots in Lisbon & Around

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

Making a list of Instagram spots in Lisbon and around has been on my mind for a while now, but I’ve kept postponing it due to the many other beautiful destinations that also deserve an article on the blog.

But photos do have a sort of shelf life, so here’s my Instagram guide to Lisbon and around – Sintra, Cascais, Cabo da Roca.

Hope you enjoy it, even if I’m not too pleased with this set of mobile photos. Funny thing is I also like evaluating what a difference a year makes in my photo journey. It seems I used to take more moody pictures, darker, underexposed, but still like some of them.

Best 25 Instagram Photo Spots in Lisbon & Around


Ler Devagar – a quirky bookshop that invites you to slow down, pick a book and read it over a cup of coffee, at the second level, among old printing machines. It’s the most bohemian place I found in Lisbon.

Ler-Devagar-Bookstore-instagram spots in Lisbon

Carmo Convent – it’s a great photo spot with stone arches piercing the blue sky and offers numerous viewpoints as you move around the majestic inner courtyard. And if you’re looking for some magic, you just have to visit it during the golden hour.


LX Factory – a creative space that offers multiple photo opportunities and one of my favorite places in Lisbon. Find out more about it in my previous article – Hidden Gems in Lisbon >


Sao Jorge Castle – from its many viewpoints, Sao Jorge Castle offers the traveler a great panorama of Lisbon that includes the waterfront, but also the delightful puzzle of Lisbon’s orange rooftops.



Santa Justa Elevator – this old elevator is one of my favorite instagram spots in Lisbon because it’s beautiful from every angle – street level or upstairs, where it takes you to Carmo Convent.


Belem Tower & Neighborhood – surely you don’t need an introduction here, but maybe a bit of inspiration when it comes to interesting angles around and in Belem Tower. Here’s one of mine that is less common and one that’s a cliché already.



Azulejos Museum – a hidden gem set near the industrial port of Lisbon, the Azulejos Museum is a gorgeous instagram place. After all, Lisbon is all about beautifully crafted tiles.


Lisbon’s Architecture & Azulejos Hunting – Lisbon is an open-air museum, and if you pay attention to its marvelous facades, you’ll surely find some gorgeous ones to post on instagram.

See top azulejos facades in Lisbon in my previous article >

Lisbon Facade with Azulejos

Lisbon Straight Facade with Blue Tiles - AzulejosLisbon-Architecture

Follow Bordalo II in Lisbon to capture his wonderful street art pieces – they’re very instagramable because they voice a social cause through art – big garbage street art pieces that are so colorful and lovely that you can’t just pass them by. Find some of Bordalo II’s artworks in Belem and LX Factory.


Rossio Square – a square that offers lots of beautiful angles and it’s decorated in Calçada Portuguesa / Portuguese mosaics that you’ll surely love.


Crono Project Picoas – The notorious street art facades in Picoas might not be on an instagramer’s radar, but they’re very photogenic, so you might want to see them for yourself. Discover more street art beauties in my Lisbon Street Art Tour >

Alfama, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Lisbon, has some delightful cobbled streets for you to wander, but also a variety of facades to capture and gorgeous vibes that look amazing on instagram.



Chiado is one of Lisbon’s neighborhoods that seem very Parisian. It has an elegant vibe to it and some amazing azulejos facades you just need to see for yourself. Also, it’s a great insta-spot to put on your visual tour of Lisbon.

Lisbon Facade with Azulejos - Yellow

Lisbon - Round Facade with Azulejos

The maze of narrow streets down from Sao Jorge Castle is a great start for your instagram tour of Lisbon. Colorful laundry left outside to dry, singing birds, beautiful doors, but also numerous points of view and leading lines that offer plenty of instagram opportunities.


Sintra’s Instagramable Castles

Pena Palace– one of Sintra’s fairy-tale castles, Pena seems a fabulous drawing turned into reality. With so many colorful facades dressed in bold colors or azulejos, this palace gets under an instagramer’s skin like no other place around Lisbon.


Monserrate Palace Sintra – the lace-like decor of the interior is not only a gorgeous instagram place, but also a perfect place to take fashion photos. The architecture is delightful, with flower-adorned windows and amazing decorations.


Quinta da Regaleira – there’s an enchanted forest vibe going on at Quinta da Regaleira, and maybe that’s why you’ll find it one of the most instagramable spots in Sintra. But the inverted tower is the insta-spot you need to search for – it’s a stone-made spiral staircase covered in moss that will leave you in awe.



Palacio Nacional de Sintra – white walls and great geometry is the recipe for a great instagram shot, so you must stop by Palacio Nacional and capture its beauty. Also, going under its arched hallway will make you discover some wonderful framing opportunities of the Moorish Castle.


Sintra Town Hall – this is one of the most underrated facades in Sintra, but I found it delightful. At the time of my visit, there was a red bike close by that complemented my composition in a beautiful way. But if you walk around the town hall, I’m sure the street lamps will lead your way to a great instagram capture.parked-bike-and-the-Municipal-Building-of-Sintra

Moorish fountain is the kind of beauty that makes you pull over because of its gorgeous azulejos. It’s a favorite insta-spot in Sintra, so I hope you’ll get a clear shot (without too many cars parked in front of it).


Old “haunted house” in Sintra – while walking towards the Sintra’s railway station, you’ll find some lovely facades on the way, but the one that got my attention was the “haunted house”. The vibe of this place is amazing, and I loved the wood patina on its doors and windows. It’s also one of the most appreciated instagram posts on my account.


See more photos of Sintra’s castles >

Instagram Spots in Cascais

Cascais Beach – when empty and right after a light rain, Cascais beach becomes one of the most instagramable places I’ve seen near Lisbon.

Praia da Rainha - Cascais beach and villas

Cascais Beach, Portugal

Cascais Architecture is different from the one in Lisbon, so you might want to take a short tour of the town. You’ll find more elegant buildings adorned with painted facades and new azulejos, but also some luxuriant inner courtyards.

Cascais villa - Portuguese Architecture and flowers

Calçada Portuguesa in Cascais is delightful, offering you the opportunity to capture the beauty of this craft within some gorgeous cobbled streets.


Cascais, Portugal

See more in my visual tour of Cascais >

Cabo da Roca – The Western Edge of Europe – nature lovers will surely appreciate the scenery Cabo da Roca offers, but also the jungle-like road leading to it, especially when covered in thick fog. It’s a marvelous instagram spot near Lisbon, and you only need an afternoon for the visit. It’s highly rewarding from an instagram point of view.Cabo-da-Roca-Portugal



Portugal Trip: Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais, Cabo da Roca, PortoJune 2016 | Mobile Photos– Copyright: ©Ana Matei | Follow me on Instagram @mateiana

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my favorite Instagram spots in Lisbon and you’ll share it with your friends on facebook. Thank you.

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