A Visual Tour of Cascais (from an instagramer’s perspective)

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Caiscais, the beach resort just outside Lisbon, is a wonderful place for sea lovers and instagramers alike.

It used to be a fishing village, and then a resort for the Portuguese royal family, so there’s subtle luxury to the architecture of its many gorgeous villas. And the gardens surrounding these pretty estates are so well designed that you just have to stop and wonder.

We arrived in Cascais around noon, as a stop on our way to Cabo da Roca – the Edge of Europe. Even if it was a bit cold for the swimming we had planned and the rain was pouring when we got to the beach, we found this place to be more beautiful than expected. So we took a tour of the town before heading out into the wild.

7 things to do in Cascais, Portugal

*and some instagramable corners

Praia da Rainha, the golden sand beach of Cascais, is a wonderful place to be even on a rainy day, when the light is as creamy as a cappuccino mousse; so do pay a visit and go for a swim, if the weather permits.

Holding hands

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The white, pink and orange hued streets of Cascais offer great leading lines and one point perspectives, as if someone deliberately painted them to suit instagram concepts.

Minimal beauty, empty cobblestone streets and oh, so quiet off the beaten path…This is Cascais

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The architecture has a royal feel to it, and the doors & windows are either perfect minimals or vintage gems, so every instagramer and architecture lover will appreciate them.

And you can also find a few streetart pieces, some made by famous street artists like AddFuel.

There’s an abundance of flowers on the streets of Cascais as well as in the stunning design of all the gardens. So even if you’re not into flower photography, you’ll be tempted to capture their beauty.

The seafood at Palm Tree restaurant downtown Cascais is great, so you might want to try it, if you happen to be around.

Cascais food - Palm Tree Internacional restaurant

The town looks pretty nice in June, right after the National Day celebrations, and paper-made jellyfish hanging from the trees give Cascais a wonderful summer holiday mood; and if you add the lovely carousel in the park, the resort looks magic after the golden hour.

Love it when we find unexpected jewels like Cascais!

This beach resort was not part of our initial plan for the Portugal trip (it was just a stop), but it managed to get under my skin in the few hours we spent strolling its beautiful streets, so maybe you’ll visit it, if you’re in Lisbon for more than a few days.

Oh, and do send me a pic from Boca do Inferno because I didn’t get the chance to visit it, and I heard those cliffs are magnificent.

All the photos are mobile | Copyright: ©Ana Matei | Cascais, Portugal | June, 2016

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