Cabo da Roca, Portugal – A journey to the Edge of Europe

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Standing on the Edge of Europe is an amazing experience that can awe and humble any traveler.

Some journeys are made for introspection that sets to define new limits.

Counter intuitive as it may be, limits being something a traveler rarely thinks about, boundaries do play a role in one’s travel philosophy.

Much of my own desire to travel comes from this need of feeling free, but just as much from an urge to experiment the world, to open my mind to new ideas, and to nurture the creative self.

And when it comes to creativity, limits are quintessential. Because without drawing those proper lines, chaos sets in, and no creative endeavor will pass its finish line.

Traveling to Cabo da Roca can be about visiting our boundaries, finding our personal or professional limits, while standing on the Edge of Europe.

It’s the place to reach into one’s soul and pull out the true self, acknowledging the right to set your own limits, even if they’re defying a status quo.  And so I did, or at least I think I did.

Standing on the Edge of Europe is an amazing experience that can awe and humble any traveler.

Cabo da Roca vibes inspire freedom as well as a sense of tranquility, and it’s the kind of setting that makes you stop, breath in, and clear your thoughts.

Its quiet scenery scattered all the noise in my head, pointing out the right path to take while making me feel humble, as I always do in front of nature’s great wonders.

Those cliffs on a dim sunset opened my eyes to the greater picture, while mincing issues into insignificant little dots.

Didn’t anticipate this when I decided to see Cabo da Roca in Portugal.

Some say anticipation is even more rewarding than the trip itself, but I found this theory not so accurate when no time for research is at hand. At times, not doing proper research opens up a world of enthusiasm and untainted exploration. And so I traveled to Cabo da Roca not knowing much about its landscape or its power of clarity.

The bus trip to Cabo da Roca was also interesting…

Just out of the villages surrounding Cascais, the forest became thicker, the fog denser, and the bus driver more confident. Crossing the foggy “jungle” while our bus driver was rushing through the dangerous curves and avoiding cars from the other direction gave me an adrenaline boost to remember. It was awakening, like any fear driven experience.

The “jungle” type of forest was still with us when we arrived at Cabo da Roca, but unexpected succulent-rich valleys opened up in front of my eyes, like carpets leading to the beautiful calcareous cliffs marking the edge of continental Europe.

I stood on the edge and felt the rush of adrenaline that always comes from overstepping boundaries; I marveled at those stunning succulent rugs and gazed at the “jungle” like forest behind the cliffs, thinking, breathing, and just living.

Moments of clarity – this is what Cabo da Roca has to offer to the conscious traveler.

Cabo-da-Roca-cliffs---Edge-of-Europe---Portugal Cabo-da-Roca-landscape Cabo-da-Roca-landscape-and-Vlad Cabo-da-Roca-Lighthouse--Portugal Cabo-da-Roca---portrait Cabo-da-Roca-Portugal Cabo-da-Roca---Portugal---landscape Cabo-da-Roca--PT---Vlad standing-on-the-edge-of-Europe---Cabo-da-Roca---Ana-Matei

My mobile photos only – Copyright © Ana Matei | June 2016 | Cabo da Roca, Portugal

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