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About me

Ana Matei – Digital Marketer and Photographer traveling often

21 years ago, I went on my first trip abroad and fell in love with the idea of traveling the world so much so that my University Degree now reads Geography.

Although I never made a career out of traveling and didn’t convince anyone to pay me for a 10-year trip around the world, I somehow managed to become a frequent traveler in my 30’s, after pouring a lot of sweat and tears into building my own small business during my 20’s.

I have been working in Marketing for 15 years now, 11 of which as a solo entrepreneur providing Digital Marketing services to companies in industries like Retail, eCommerce, Travel, HoReCa, IT, Arts & Education. 4 years ago, I started working as a Photographer and it turned out to be my favorite job to this day.

Traveling every month for 4 years in a row has been rewarding but far from easy, especially since I research, plan, budget, and organize every trip on my own. Although it might seem like I’m always on holiday, there’s a lot of work going on behind the camera and the articles on this blog, both in my office and on locations, therefore no trip featured on this site was actually a vacation but rather an extra job I loved doing.

Since I consider traveling to be the best learning method, most of my trips are cultural journeys with goals attached – specific photo projects centered on my main interests: food, architecture, visual arts, and social norms. Hopefully, some of them will be partially featured here, in addition to the travel guides and food trips already published on this blog.

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About the blog

AM Journeys is a collection of personal travel photos, stories, experiences, and insights collected from my trips around this beautiful world. Browse destinations to find out more or connect with me on Instagram.

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Passion Passport | Condé Nast Traveler | Culture Trip | Afar Media | Visit Ljubljana | Visit Flanders 

Photo Exhibitions & Instagram WorkshopsWorld of Instagram, World of Instagram 2, Sun Plaza Photo Exhibition

Work with me

  • Photography: Food, Travel, Architecture
  • Digital Marketing

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    All travel photos and stories on the blog are created by me, Ana Matei. The videos on the blog are created by me and my husband, Vlad Isac.