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About the blog

Born out of a lifelong love for traveling and a passion for Photography, AM Journeys uncovers and collects experiences, architectural gems, museums, art venues, social and culinary insights, aiming at telling their story in long-form articles and photography.

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All travel photos & stories on the blog are created by me, Ana Matei. The videos on the blog are created by me and my life and travel partner, Vlad Isac.

About me

Ana Matei, 36, Ex-Geographer turned Digital Marketer passionate about Traveling and Photography.

A frequent traveler for 5 years, I’m trying to make traveling a vehicle for learning about the world. My travel themes revolve around cultural journeys and adventure travels as expressions of my love for visual arts, architecture, food, culture, and people.

I’ve been working in Marketing for 14+ years, as a solo entrepreneur for the last decade, providing Digital Marketing Services to companies in industries like Retail, eCommerce, Travel, HoReCa, IT, Arts & Education.

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Press & Features

Passion Passport | Condé Nast Traveler | Culture Trip | Afar Media | Visit Ljubljana | Visit Flanders 

On the Blogs *Ro articles after my 1st Instagram Workshop in Bucharest, Romania: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Photo Exhibitions & Instagram WorkshopsWorld of Instagram, World of Instagram 2, Sun Plaza Photo Exhibition

Work with me

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Travel & Food Photography
  • Social Media Campaigns

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