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Born out of a lifelong love for travel and a newly discovered passion for photography, AM Journeys hunts and gathers beautiful places, authentic experiences, art venues, and traditional dishes around the world, aiming at telling their story in long-form articles and beautiful photography.

As an ex-Geographer and a current Digital Marketer, most of my travel articles are based on thorough research, usually incorporate social and cultural insights, and tell about my experiences as well as the best things to do within each visited destination.

Join me on my journey and let yourself be inspired to travel the world! And while you’re here, you might want to browse around to find some useful destination guides, hidden gems, and travel tips for your next adventure.


All Photography & Travel Stories on the blog are created by me > ©Ana Matei.

The video stories on the blog are created by Vlad Isac.

About me

Ana Matei 

Digital Marketing Consultant (for 11 years now),

Ex-Geographer with a passion for travelling,

Art lover (former art student – drawing & painting) turned Travel Photographer,

A 6th sense about cooking probably inherited from my father and grandfather,

Daily instagramer (@mateiana), travel blogger.

I live in Bucharest, Romania, and travel as often as possible.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been traveling constantly, taking one journey per month and trying to make traveling a part of life and not a means to escape it.


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