20+ Colorful Facades that will make you fall in love with Lisbon

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)

A Visual Tour of Lisbon’s architecture in 24 colorful facades

Lisbon is a wonderful open-air museum, partially dressed in azulejos and featuring a color palette that reminds of Wes Anderson’s movies. Ranging from minimal to fully coated in Azulejo Português (traditional patterned tiles, usually in blue), recently renovated or beautiful ruins covered in street art, their diversity is stunning!

Wandering the streets of Lisbon, Portugal is a visual delight, so if you’re planning to visit the Portuguese capital, you might want to take things slowly and let the beauty of those cheerful walls stop you on your way as often as possible.

It’s impossible to leave Lisbon without falling in love with its azulejos, these glazed ceramic tiles dating back to the 13th century and originating from the Arab world. It is said that there are still some facades in Lisbon covered in azulejos from the 1800’s, but you might want to visit the Azulejos Museum to admire the oldest and the most beautiful ones.

There are so many architectural styles in Lisbon that it’s impossible to say the measure or the importance of each in today’s urban landscape.

Grasping the diversity of Lisbon’s architecture is overwhelming as Manueline – Portuguese late gothic (Belem, San Jeronimos), Pombaline style (some buildings in the photos below), Classical, Romanesque (Lisbon Cathedral), Baroque, Art Nouveau (in Picoas), Moorish (Sao Jorge Castle) and Gothic are just a few of the prominent ones. But no worries, there’s no need to remember them all. 🙂

Walking the streets of Lisbon for a week reveals many architectural gems, but I found that Jeronimos, Belem, Baixa, Chiado, Picoas, Alfama, Barrio Alto and Sao Bento are the top Lisbon neighborhoods to visit for architecture treasure, especially if you want to marvel at the lovely facades included in this visual tour.

As for the best time to visit, we found the beginning of June to be perfect because of the blooming Jacarandas filling the air and the ground with their sweet and sticky purple flowers, spreading a magic vibe all over Lisbon.

Enjoy the tour!

Visual Tour of Lisbon’s Most Beautiful Facades

Lisbon, Portugal | June, 2016 | My Mobile Photos only – Copyright: ©Ana Matei

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