Vernazza, the most photogenic village in Cinque Terre

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It was raining in Vernazza, but the streets still looked like delightful candies, inviting us to aimless wanderings.

This old fishing village, with blue boats docked on its shore, pink streets dressed in greenery and cheerful decorations has a darling bohemian vibe about it.

It awakens the explorer within, luring you into its quiet alleys and making you part of its story.

Peeled and textured by time and weather, the walls of this village tell of its former glory and misfortunes in an enchanting color rainbow, inviting the traveler to quiet corners that almost seem forbidden.

I adore this sense of intimacy when exploring narrow alleys! It’s like stepping out of your world for a moment and entering someone else’s, tip toeing like a cat under open windows, laundry left outside to dry and plants, hoping nobody breaks the silence and the magic spell.

And so I did, strolling from one street to another, one alley to the next, trying to figure out what exactly makes it so special.

It might be the quietness of a rainy December day, when few tourists adventure outside. Or it might be the richness of its medieval facades, refined arches, intricate alleys and hidden passages – all reminding us of the cultural and historic heritage of Cinque Terre.

There’s a particular elegance to the architectural style of the houses, and that might be why you get different vibes while strolling around.

Going uphill, the panorama over the village is breathtaking, and the passage leading to the view point is all dressed up in delightful decorations that stop you on your way.

After seeing Riomaggiore, Manarola, Monterosso and Corniglia (the other villages making up Cinque Terre), I can tell you Vernazza is the prettiest of them all, even if it was the most affected by 2011’s flood that took over this lovely Italian coast. Its reconstruction is finished, thanks to locals and volunteers from around the world, and the village is now completely restored to its former beauty.

Vernazza is also the most photogenic village in Cinque Terre, therefore planning some extra time here for soulful wanderings will be more than rewarding.

Visual Tour of Vernazza, Cinque Terre







Vernazza – Cinque Terre,  Italy | December 2016 | My Mobile Pictures Only > Copyright: ©Ana Matei

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