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Sibiu City Guide – Hidden Gems & Travel Tips – from a local perspective

Roofs are watching your steps onto the cobbled streets and hidden passages of the medieval Sibiu, inviting you to slow wanderings. You’re in Transylvania after all, the birthplace of the slow living concept.

This old citadel instantly takes you back to the Middle Ages, when guilds use to practice their craft around the city’s defense towers, while urging you to gather around the colorful marching bands and street performances that take over Sibiu for 9 days, during the International Theater Festival!

You haven’t quite been to Sibiu until you’ve seen Faust, the emblematic play by Silviu Purcărete that will most certainly redefine the way you understand theater. This director creates mind swirling stories that speak without words, born from water, fire and tens of people whose expressive gestures captivate and stay with you long after the curtain drops.

Visit Sibiu and explore another Transylvania!


Sibiu City Guide: Tourist Attractions, Hidden Gems, Cultural Events (SITF), Best Restaurants in Sibiu, Travel Tips, Photos & Video

Nested in the heart of Transylvania, Sibiu is an idyllic medieval town and a former European Capital of Culture (2007).

The city’s historical center is a jewel, offering the traveler a number of opportunities for slow wanderings on the many narrow cobble stone streets leading to colorful houses, charming cafés and picturesque passages.

Wherever your feet may take you, Sibiu’s eye shaped windows will smile upon you from the rooftops, thus adding to the city’s charisma. These almond shaped windows give you a strong sense that the roofs are watching you and they’re unique in the world.

Considering Sibiu is a medieval town (12th century) and also a former Saxon city, the architecture is simply enchanting! It combines the colorful houses of Hungarian and German influence with imposing Gothic buildings such as the Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral in Huet Square.

Sibiu is also one of the best-kept fortified citadels in Romania. While strolling the many cobbled streets in the old town, you’ll most certainly find some well-preserved brick towers. There used to be 39 defense towers, but only 4 of them are still here: Carpenters’ Tower, Harquebusiers’ Tower, Potters’ Tower and the Great Tower – all named after the guilds that used to inhabit the area around them.

The old city landscape is comprised of the Upper Town and the Lower Town, both rewarding the slow traveler with architectural gems, colorful houses and hidden passages.

In Sibiu, the roofs are watching you

Cultural Events in Sibiu – Sibiu International Theatre Festival

There are many cultural events going on in Sibiu, but the most important one is Sibiu International Theatre Festival (SITF / FITS). Each year, mid-June (9-18), the city comes to life during this festival, gathering a few thousand cultural travelers from around the world.

Hundreds of people fill the street at any hour of the day and until midnight, mostly watching the colorful marching bands and street performance groups.

Festival weekends are the best because of the spectacular night shows. During the day, few hundred young volunteers help making this huge cultural event possible, and that adds an international good vibe to the city.

Sibiu has one of the best theaters in Romania – “Radu Stanca Theater”, and here you’ll find the most interesting plays in town. If you’re planning your trip to Sibiu well ahead (March-April), I recommend you see a play by the exceptional Silviu Purcărete. “Faust” would be the greatest of them all, so you need to book your tickets well in advance because it’s always full, even if it’s played tens of times each year.

Top Attractions in Sibiu, Romania

The Most Beautiful Street in Sibiu – Str. Cetății 

Council Tower of Sibiu / Turnul Sfatului – Visit the tower to see Sibiu from above and get a panoramic view of the two main squares of the old town.


Brukenthal National Museum

The Big Square Sibiu / Piața Mare

The Little Square Sibiu / Piața Mică


Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral Sibiu (Saint Mary)


Nicolae Bălcescu Pedestrian Street – A beautiful street with old and colorful houses bearing a fresh coat of paint and a charming vibe, filled with coffee shops and restaurants (summer). During the Festival, the street performances and marching bands pass through it, so spend some time here to enjoy the shows.


Liars’ Bridge/ Podul Minciunilor and its lovely staircase

Roman Catholic Church (Big Square Sibiu)


Orthodox Cathedral, one of the most impressive architectural buildings in Sibiu

Lower Town Sibiu


The Carpenter’s Tower / Turnul Dulgherilor


Altemberger House – Sibiu’s History Museum is nested in a beautiful architectural complex, typical of the Civic Gothic style with Renaissance influences. It houses a medieval arms exhibition, a numismatic collection and other historical items.

Franz Binder World Ethnographic Museum – This museum houses the world’s 2nd largest collection of objects from South Sudan (500 items), a 2,000 years old Egyptian mummy and many traditional objects from around the world. They belonged to Franz Binder, the 19th century explorer and merchant.

Hidden Gems in Sibiu

Sibiu is a picturesque city, but there are some spots I really love, hidden gems that deserve exploring, even if they’re not on the top attractions list. Let me share with you my favorite corners of this medieval city.

Goldsmiths’ Square / Piața Aurarilor – these old pink stairs with green architectural details are my favorite of all the passages in Sibiu.


Passage of Stairs / Pasajul Scărilor – this isn’t really a hidden spot, but a gem nonetheless. The cobbled street and imposing arches of this passage have a particular medieval charm about them; a walk here feels like time traveling.


Tower Street / Str. Turnului – another lovely passage in Sibiu leading up to the Lower Town and surrounded by cute and colorful houses.


Huet Square / Piața Huet – if you let yourself be dazzled by the imposing Gothic Church here, you’ll probably miss the beautiful Huet Square, as it happened to me plenty of times. Just behind the great structure, there are a few colorful houses with Venetian blinds reminding of the Italian ones – a delightful peculiarity in Sibiu’s architecture. Make sure not to miss them and do take a walk around the Gothic Church.

The Pharmacy Museum – the first documented apothecary (1494), home to a collection of 6.600 pieces telling of the evolution of pharmaceutical techniques for three and a half centuries (*via).

House with Caryatids – it’s an otherwise ordinary house in Sibiu, but the door guarded by two impressive caryatides breaks the architectural style of Sibiu. It’s on your way to the Orthodox Cathedral, so be sure not to miss it.

Luz Caffé & Bistro (Big Square Sibiu) – just a cute and colorful cafe in Sibiu’s Big Square.


Best Places to Eat in Sibiu & Top Foods to try

Hermania – Must taste dishes: Trout Tartar and Vanilla Ice Cream Strudel

Pardon Café – Have a taste of: Baked rooster and Creamy Red Pepper Soup

Crama Sibiană – Do try: Beans Soup with smoked pork served in bread, Goulash soup and taste a Romanian Rosé Wine from Cramele Recaș.

Good coffee shop in Sibiu: Hug The Mug (Nicolae Bălcescu Street)

Good café with terrace for lazy afternoons: Luz Caffé & Bistro (The Big Square, Sibiu)


Day Trips from Sibiu, Romania

There are lots of beautiful places to visit around Sibiu: Cisnădie (beautiful little town), Cisnădioara Citadel, Brukenthal Palace in Avrig, Transfăgărășan and Bâlea Lake, Păltiniș mountain resort, to name just a few.

But if you only have a day to spend outside the city, here are the top 3 places to visit around Sibiu: Astra Village Museum, Cârța Cistercian Abbey and the Clay Castle of the Fairies’ Valley. You can see these three in a day trip from Sibiu. If you want to visit them all, you’ll need 3 extra days.

Clay Castle of the Fairies’ Valley, near Sibiu (Porumbacu de Sus)


Cârța – the only Cistercian Abbey in Romania


Astra Village Museum Sibiu, Romania

Travel Tips for visiting Sibiu, Transylvania

When to visit Sibiu

The best time to visit Sibiu is mid-June (28-30ºC), when the city comes to life thanks to Sibiu International Theatre Festival (SITF / FITS). It’s a great time to be in Sibiu as the city’s vibrant streets will delight you with street performances and night shows during the two weekends of the Festival.

Where to Stay in Sibiu

Style Residence Sibiu, Continental Hotel and Ibis Hotel are the best accommodation options in Sibiu because they’re near the old city center. Style Residence was our recent choice, but you need to book ahead, if you’re planning to visit Sibiu during the festival.

How to get around Sibiu

If you choose your accommodation downtown, every attraction will be within walking distance. When I’m staying in the new parts of town, I usually take a cab because it’s quick and affordable. But if you want to take a day trip outside Sibiu, renting a car is the best option.

How much time do you need to visit Sibiu

Visiting Sibiu takes 3 days, but it will be nice to add an extra day for visiting the attractions around Sibiu. If you want to visit Sibiu during the theatre festival (and I highly recommend it), make sure you book a week and include a weekend in your trip.

Souvenirs from Sibiu

The dearest things I got from Sibiu are two traditional Romanian blouses called “ia”. They’re handmade from white linen and embroidered with colorful motifs. You’ll find them all over Transylvania and in Bucharest, but the ones I bought from Astra Village Museum near Sibiu are the most affordable – around 25€ each (they usually go for 80-150€).


Wearing IA – Traditional Romanian blouse

That’s it! This is my Travel Guide to Sibiu, Romania. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Transylvania, my love: Sibiu, Viscri, Brașov | All Photography: ©Ana Matei > Instagram: @MateiAna | Photos & videos from my latest trips to Sibiu: June 2016 & May 2017

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Last updated: June 14, 2017
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