Visuals of May and their stories

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2018)

May is a delightful month. It feels like the happiest month of the year.

It might be the perfect weather, but I credit the amazing nature takeovers and the peony blossoms for all the good spirits and enthusiasm floating in the air.

It’s the beginning of the daydreaming season, fresh starts, bare feet and exuberant travels.

May travels are about exciting experiences

If last May was about flying in a hot air balloon for the first time above the wonderful Cappadocia – Turkey, this year was about my first wine tasting tour in the Republic of Moldova.

The five days spent in the Republic of Moldova made me mindful of the whole process of creating good wines, but also opened my mind about the wine culture in this small country that once was a part of Romania (in most hearts, it still is).

It’s amazing to see 180-200km long underground cities serving as wine cellars, and thousands of dusty bottles filled with nicely aged wine next to the golden wine reserve (private wine reserves of political leaders from around the world).

I feel grateful for this learning experience and thankful to the beautiful team of #DescoperaMoldova for including me in their efforts to put this country on the international traveller’s list.

Back home, Bucharest was also particularly heart-warming and soul-nourishing as 3 architectural gems were opened after long years of restoration.

Dacia Palace, the most grandiose of them, opened its doors to the public with the Art Safari exhibition, filling the Bucharest city center with wonderful art enthusiasts at the beginning of the month.

May is the time for new discoveries

The warm weather and a new colorful street art piece in Bucharest kept us outside, strolling the city for hours. It also led us to a neighborhood I’ve never seen before, with lovely nature takeovers, great doors and a good panoramic view.

Flirting with food styling every once in a while, I found May to be the only season to experiment with edible flowers.

My mother brought me fresh flowers from her garden, as well as lots of elderflowers and acacia flowers, so a crunchy honey dipped tempura was born for the first time in my kitchen.

It was also the first time I used the milk can from Sighișoara as a prop, merging two lovely peonies bouquets I got from V. and my mother in a quiet sunny May afternoon.

A short weekend trip to Brașov county, part of Transylvania, led me to a small vintage shop near Bran Castle, where I found one magnificent gramophone. Couldn’t leave the shop without some props, so two vintage spoons and an old siphon bottle made their way into my kitchen.

Feeling grateful for every day of May as each was fully lived and cherished, making it very hard to say goodbye so fast. Don’t you feel like spring was too short this year?

Visuals of May

Visuals of May are all about experimenting with lights and shadows, so I’m thankful for each moment that gave me the chance for a chiaroscuro feel in my mobile photos.

Finally, I got over my fear of using the phone’s flash option. And it was rewarded with one interesting capture of an old wine bottles stack, covered in thick dust layers and spider nets, giving the impression of a buried treasure on the bottom of the ocean.

Hope you’ll enjoy this month’s visuals:

Asconi-Winery-restaurant---Republic-of-Moldova Asconi-Winery---Republic-of-Moldova traditional-Moldovan-window---Republic-of-Moldova lovely-window-at-Eco-Resort-Butuceni---Republic-of-Moldova garden-peonies-and-milk-can-from-Sighisoara flash-photo---Republic-of-Moldova-Wine-Tour rainbow-happiness---Eco-Resort-Butuceni---Republic-of-Moldova new-street-art-piece-in-Bucharest,-Romania elderflowers-and-acacia-flowers-tempura- gramophone---Bran-Castle,-Transylvania Bucharest-door Dacia-Palace-and-sculpture-by-Constantin-Brancusi-at-Art-Safari-Bucharest

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