How much does it cost to travel to Valencia, Spain

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2018)

Valencia is a wonderful destination for a beach holiday, but also for a cultural journey in Spain.

The city offers a wonderful sandy beach, beautiful venues, some with incredible architecture, medieval squares and churches, awesome museums, and great food.

We loved it so much because of its dual travel nature, even if we only spent 2 afternoons at the beach, mainly because we wanted to explore all the city’s attractions.

When it comes to our Valencia travel budget, I must say it was planned in a big haste (2 weeks before the trip) and in full season (July).

This reflected on our expenses, and I’m so happy to say we’ve grown a bit more conscious about our travel budgets since then.

Valencia accommodation and transport

The biggest impact on our budget was the airfare, and maybe it also reflected a bit on the accommodation cost, but the cost of living is pretty much the same during the season and on the off season. Therefore, the travel expenses below reflect pretty good the cost of traveling to Valencia.

The hotel we chose was good (4*, but really a 3*) and very close to the beach and to the main attractions, but I wouldn’t say it offered great value for money. I would recommend to search for options well in advance for a cheaper accommodation in the beautiful city of Valencia.

Travel Tip: Getting around Valencia is pretty easy and cheap, but we also walked a lot in the first day, mainly because we had no idea you can buy a ticket in the bus for each trip.

Another good tip is that you can stay out late in the city center because there are night buses, but please check their arrival / departure times, as they’re not as frequent as during the day.

Valencia food budget

Valencia can be a budget friendly destination, offering a wide range of pubs, terraces and restaurants to choose from, and most are at very good prices. There are also lots of places with special offers for lunch- paella and sangria for 12 Euro/person. On average, we spent about 15 Euros per person for each lunch or dinner.

Places to eat in Valencia: La CataCasa Eulogio llaollaoRestaurante Francia, 19.

Other food options are the malls. Our hotel was 2 streets away from City of Arts and Sciences, and there was a mall on the way. It’s probably a lot cheaper, but if you also travel for food experiences and Spanish tapas, it might not be the best idea.

The food budget for Valencia was a bit lower than the one in Barcelona, and this impression is pretty accurate, since we traveled to the amazing Spanish city just a few months before our holiday in Valencia.

Valencia attractions – the budget

The prices for museum fees and other city attractions are also a bit lower than those in Barcelona, so the budget seemed fair to me for the visits at the L’Oceanogràfic, Ciudad del Arte y Ciencias / City of Arts and Sciences and Valencia Bio Park.

There are also some free museum and venues to visit, but it really depends on the day and time of the year. We visited Museu de Belles Arts for free, mainly because it was under construction.

Spain has some pretty high costs when it comes to museum fees, so we paid 30 Euros/person for a museum bundle (City of Arts and Sciences and the L’Oceanogràfic) and 24 Euros/person for the entry at Valencia Bio Park.

Overall, Valencia travel budget can be improved at some levels, especially when it comes to accommodation and airfare (even 4 times cheaper from Bucharest, but only for early bookings – 3 months in advance). The food can be really cheap in the supermarkets, but I find that some destinations are made for food experiences, and Valencia is one of them.

Hope this helps you!

Valencia Travel Budget for 5 days

Type of Cost Euro /Person / Day
Accommodation/night 36.52
Food and Drinks 30.06
Transport 5.16
City Attractions & Museums 11.47
Other expenses 9.6
Travel Budget Total  (Person/Day/ €) 92.81
Travel Budget for Valencia (5 days trip) 464.05
Airfare from Bucharest, RO 258
Valencia Travel Budget – from Bucharest, for a 5 days trip 722.05

Visited: July 2014

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

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