Travel Budget for a holiday in Thassos, Greece

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Greek holiday? Yes, please!

Swimming in turquoise waters, sun bathing on marble beaches and snorkeling in search of colorful fish are some of the dearest memories I brought back from my trip to Thassos, Greece.

This small Greek Island is very charming, making it the go-to beach destination for many people in Romania.

This article is not about its amazing beaches though, even if it has a lot of dreamy visuals, but it’s more of a pragmatic nature since I’m going over the detailed costs of traveling to Thassos.Saliara Marble Beach, Thassos, Greece,-Aegean-Sea

Greek Islands are usually perceived as pretty cheap summer destinations, but you might find that travel expenses vary a lot from one island to another and also according to the time of your booking.

Thassos has a reputation for being among the most affordable Greek Islands, but I found some things to be more expensive than expected, at least during the peak of the season – last week of July.

If you choose Thassos for your summer holiday or you’re just curious about the cost of a Greek holiday, read on to find my detailed travel budget >

Accommodation in Thassos, Greece

We usually book our accommodation well in advance, but visiting Thassos was a spontaneous decision, also taken during high season. All the pretty and affordable accommodation options in Thassos were already fully booked, so we were left with one option – go luxury.

Luxury traveling in Thassos is affordable – we paid 100€/night for a double room at La Boheme in Limenaria (4 nights). On average, our accommodation budget in Europe is 80€/night, so we thought this Thassos boutique hotel was worth the additional cost, even if we have stayed in more luxurious hotels before.

Loved every inch of our hotel room in Limenaria, Thassos!


The minimal approach to bohemian design in this boutique hotel room instantly puts you in a romantic mood. Perfect, if you’re a traveling couple!

The well-designed chairs, the minimal canopy bed, the gorgeous details of the lamps and the ethnic patterns of the textiles made this room feel very cozy.

If we all paid for design, the world would be a more beautiful place, right?

Getting to Thassos Island, Greece

Thassos Island is one of the top summer destinations for people in Romania because of its gorgeous beaches and proximity.

650 km is pretty close, even if it takes around 14 hours to drive there.

Being the designated driver was exhausting, even if the roads are pretty good. Still, there are lots of speed limits that slows one down, with only a small portion of highway in Bulgaria and another one in Greece.

When it comes to flying options, the nearest airport is Kavala. A better airport option for this trip is Thessaloniki, where you can rent a car and drive around 190 km to Keramoti.

My travel tip is to keep the car you rent so you can truly experience Thassos, where beach hopping is the main attraction.

Once you get to Keramoti, the trip gets pretty exciting because you have to take the ferry to Thassos Island (one hour trip).

The ferry experience is a beautiful one, especially if you catch the sunset.

The fun part of this ferry trip? There are always seagulls flying around the boat and begging tourists for food, making all the children giggle and fill the air with that summer holiday mood that reminds us of our childhood.

The cost of our road trip to Thassos from Bucharest, Romania was around 225€ and it included gas, highway taxes and ferry ticket – 52€ for two people and one city car (round trip).

Thassos Beaches

Thassos is all about beach diversity. Sandy, pebbled or fine marble beaches encircling clear turquoise waters will make you fall in love with this Greek Island.

Most beaches in Thassos have restaurants and beach bars that offer sunbeds and umbrellas in exchange for drinks. Parking is very hard to find, but no worries, you can follow the lead of the other tourists and park in a row, on the side of the road.

Top beaches charge for sunbeds and umbrellas, but also for parking provided on their property.

To find out more about Thassos Beaches – location, budget and travel tips, please see my previous article>

Greek Food

Fresh fish and sun-dried octopus tentacles cooked on a grill, tzatziki, cheese, olives and salads are the best Greek dishes to taste on Thassos Island. So we had them on the menu for the most part of our stay, tasting varieties in different restaurants.

The best we’ve come across was a family run restaurant in Limenaria called George Tavern.

When it comes to food expenses, we never save because I think it’s a big part of the whole traveling experiences. So we spend around 38€ per day (per person) for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thassos.

Travel tip: Go honey tasting in Limenaria! There are some deli shops that offer this experience in exchange for a jar of honey.


Thassos Travel Budget

Overall, our trip to Thassos was pretty expensive, even a bit higher than our city break in Stockholm.

The detailed budget for our holiday in Thassos is listed below, but if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll answer shortly.

Type of Cost Euro / Person / Day
Accommodation/night 50.00
Food and Drinks 38.13
Transport 28.15
Beach costs (parking + sunbeds) 0.75
Other expenses 7.60
Travel Budget Total  (Person/Day/ €) 124.63
Total Travel Budget for Thassos (4 days trip) 498.50

Thassos Island, Aegean Sea, Greece |  July 2016 | Copyright Mobile & GroPro Photos: © Ana Matei  & © Vlad Isac

Our Greek holiday was very beautiful, but pretty short because we had only a few vacation days left, so maybe we’ll come back one day to revisit this beautiful island.

Hope you found this travel budget for Thassos helpful and you’ll share it with your friends!

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