14 Dreamy Patios in Seville & Cordoba

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

Beauty matters! And Andalusia is all about aesthetics.

But one element stands out in the urban landscape of Seville and Cordoba: Patios.

Andalusian Patios are more than outdoor places for recreation and dining, they act as the centerpiece of a typical house in this region of Spain, and they’re always richly decorated with flowers, fountains, and mosaic tiles, creating a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere.


These fabulous indoor courtyards are considered to be an architectural fusion of the Roman and Andalusian worlds, reminding us of Moroccan Riads.

A typical Andalusian Patio has blue tiles (similar to Portuguese azulejos), Roman columns, lots of flowers, a fountain and all sorts of sweet nothings to complete the decor.

They can also serve as great inspiration for decorating any outdoor space (terrace, balcony, back yard) and might be the number one reason to visit Seville and Cordoba for gardening aficionados.

From an architectural point of view, Andalusian patios are always placed in the center of the house, most are open space, and the tiled corridors marked by columns are the hallways leading to rooms in a traditional Andalusian home.

We managed to find some gorgeous patios while wandering the streets of Seville and Cordoba, even without taking a special tour, so keep an eye for hidden corners when visiting these Andalusian cities.

Dreamy Patios in Seville, Andalusia

Best patios in Seville are forbidden, and maybe that’s what makes them so appealing. There are a few gorgeous patios open to the public, and you’ll most certainly find them in any Andalusian palace, as well as in small traditional hotels and B&Bs.

Here are some of the ones we found while wandering the streets of Seville:

Patio at Instituto Britanico de Seville


Hidden Patios near Las Cruces, Bario Santa Cruz (3)


Patios at Casa de Pilatos, Seville (3)


Patios at Real Alcazar of Seville (3)


Patio at Hotel de las Cruces in Bario Santa Cruz


Beautiful Patios in Cordoba & Festival de Patios

Red cranes-bill flowers in blue pots are the leitmotif of Cordoba and emblematic for patios in this Andalusian city. You can find them decorating the narrow streets of the old town, where you’ll also come by a few eye-candy variations.

Streets of Cordoba are filled with flowers in matching pots, freshly painted facades, and they hide some amazing private patios you can take a peek at. The beauty of these alleys made me include them in this article, even if they’re not patios.

If you visit Cordoba in May, make sure not to miss Festival de Patios!

Each year, during the second week of May, the city hall holds a competition between locals and awards the most beautiful patio. During the weekend, the owners of the patios open them to the public, and it seems you have to book a ticket online well ahead to see them (more details about the festival).

One lovely thing about Cordoba is that most restaurants on the alleys leading to Mezquita have their own patios. Don’t know about you, but I couldn’t resist taking a peek.

The one I loved the most was behind a street shop and it got my attention because of that hidden gem feeling. Also, the wonderful framing the clothes provided stopped me on my way.

Patios of Cordoba, Spain

Visual Tour of Patios in Seville and Andalusia

Beautiful Flower Streets in Cordoba, Spain

When going through the old city center of Cordoba and towards the Mezquita, you’ll most certainly find some gorgeous narrow streets and alleys adorned with flowers.

Calleja de las Flores might be the best-known flower street in Cordoba, but it’s not the only beautiful one.

Here are some of my most beautiful finds:





Hope you liked my visual tour of patios in Seville and Cordoba, and you’ll put them on your bucket list when visiting Andalusia.

Road Trip in Andalucía, Spain: Malaga – Seville – Cordoba – Granada | April 2017 | All Photography ©Ana Matei > Instagram: @MateiAna

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