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House of Small Wonders, a green oasis for slow mornings in Berlin

(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

There are few things more delightful than spending a slow weekend morning in a bistro you love.

For breakfast, brunch or merely coffee, House of Small Wonders is this kind of place.

A space built for day dreaming, bathing in a cozy atmosphere and soft light.

It’s a good place to unwind in Berlin, a city that has left me with some bitter memories. Despite my personal experiences, I still think of this city as a design destination to put on your travel list.

House of Small Wonders is an instagramer’s dream – colorful, textural, with a soft and filtered light.

Its original décor, the detail oriented design and the greenery makes you feel instantly at home. The colored wood panels warm up the interior and its styling seems like a page to keep from an interior design magazine.

People whisper and the service is great, so you can enjoy it for an entire morning or afternoon.

We spent one lovely hour at the House of Small Wonders over brunch and coffee. The food was delicious and quickly served, especially for a place that seemed the very personification of the slow living concept.

Live the little things is their philosophy and they live by it.

Comfort food with fresh local ingredients and Japanese influences is their description of the menu and I must agree, especially after tasting the Ratatouille (vegan) and the Okinawan Taco Rice.

*Also, I had my first experience with Match Latte and decided to gracefully decline it in the future J. It is indeed very good looking, but its nettles like taste made me label it as an instagramer’s trap. Some say Matcha Latte is an acquired taste, so you might want to experience it yourself.

House of Small Wonders was, at least for us, the perfect cure for a moisty morning in Berlin. It helped us relax and elude the city’s unkind streets. For me, it was also a lovely design trip and a good example of interior styling with Japanese influences.

If you’re travelling to Berlin, spend a slow morning at the House of Small Wonders! It’s truly a delightful place.

Décor: great styling and wonderful design

Food: delicious, Vegan friendly, perfect amount of variety

Atmosphere: a green oasis and the perfect place to unwind and serve brunch or breakfast

Location: No. 20, Johannisstrasse – a quiet street near Friedrichstrasse

Prices: fair, 15 Euro/ person for brunch and coffee

Service: really nice

My mobile photos | Location: House of Small Wonders, Berlin, Germany | Visited in March 2016

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