The Story of Svoronos – A Traditional Cycladic-Style Estate in Naousa, Paros

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A quiet and traditional Cycladic-style hotel in Naousa, Paros, with a heartwarming story and the vibes of a Greek ethnographic museum

Filtered light peeking through the bamboo straw pergola of a charming terrace welcomes us to Svoronos Bungalows, a tranquil oasis in the heart of Naousa, the dreamiest village on Paros Island.

Afternoons in Paros are all about the siesta, and so the estate bathes in blissful silence at the time of our arrival.

Vassiliki welcomes us with a smile and leads the way to our bungalow, walking through a maze of white-washed alleys shadowed by oleanders in bloom.

The alleys are quiet, and we pass by a couple of corners that could easily be mistaken for ethnographic museum displays, with vintage amphorae and antique clay pots, greened copper housewares and decorations of a bygone era, all thoughtfully organized on white, stone-made benches typical of a Cycladic home.

Other corners of the estate look like small summer terraces, each with a table and few seats tucked away in the shadow of oleanders and other Mediterranean flowering vines.

Beautiful terrace at Bungalows Svoronos, Naousa, Paros

Upon arriving at our bungalow, I pause for a second to admire the minimal style of the all-white entrance, with traditional Cycladic stairs guarded by a clay amphora – the only accent color of this bohemian holiday house, apart from the black dolphins decorating the stairs.

Entering the Cycladic-style interior brings back the museum vibe experienced a few minutes before as traditional textiles and antique items decorate every corner of this one-bedroom apartment.

Vintage candle holders and antique vases embellish the dark olive tree wood of each nightstand, table, and dresser. Traditional motifs adorn the handmade tablecloths, pillowcases, and blankets carefully displayed around this beautiful holiday apartment, and it feels like walking inside an authentic Greek island home.

Cyclades architecture - entrance -Svoronos Bungalows in Naousa, Paros

Interior style - bedroom corner at Bungalows Svoronos, Naousa, Paros

Cycladic-style bed at Svoronos Bungalows, Naousa, Paros

The Story of Svoronos – History & Heritage

The Cycladic-styled “sofa” and bed in the apartment look like craft products of local artisans, but these are actually creative handmade projects of Vassiliki’s father.

He built the entire estate from the ground up, one bungalow at a time, one stone bed after another, starting from the mid-’60s, when buying land in Paros was affordable, until ’95, when the last bungalow opened its doors.

In the beginning, Svoronos Bungalows were built with a different purpose in mind – they were supposed to be part of the family estate, comprising only two additional houses, one for each daughter, hence the very personal touch one can sense around every corner of the property.

As time went by and Paros became more attractive for travelers and holidaymakers, Svoronos Bungalows turned into a wonderful accommodation option for people looking for a traditional holiday home on this gorgeous Cycladic Island. It’s no wonder since the estate is located a few steps away from the busy narrow alleys of the Old Town and the bustling Old Port of Naoussa.

Visibly touched by the recollection, Vassiliki continued the story about her father, who made the ethnographic displays possible through his passion for vintage items. He bought most of the decorations on Sundays when he would peruse the old flea market of Monastiraki in Athens in search of charming antiques.

These small and delightful treasures add to the old house charm of the Svoronos estate, although the prevalent whitewashed alleys and strikingly white bungalows with wooden brown doors and window shutters make everything seem brand new.

Only when entering Vassiliki’s office that I discovered the extent of her father’s antique collection. This room could very well be a movie set since the walls are covered by shelves displaying fascinating old objects, all contributing to the enchanting atmosphere one might find inside a collector’s house.

We spent three nights at Svoronos Bungalows, sipping coffee on our intimate terrace or enjoying the traditional Greek breakfast served in the courtyard downstairs, watching the sunset from the rooftop or dozing off during hot afternoons all cuddled up on the stone-made sofa in the living room, listening to the cicadas and wishing this Cycladic dream would never end.

Cycladic-style bed at Bungalows Svoronos, Paros

Svoronos Bungalows – Location and Surroundings

Svoronos Bungalows’ charm and traditional Cycladic style weren’t the only reasons behind my choice for this hotel in Paros.

The estate also enjoys a great location, behind the landmark hill church of Naousa – Kimisis tis Theotokou, half-way between the two beaches of Naousa – Piperi Beach and Agii Anargiri / Agioi Anargyroi, and just a 10 minutes’ walk to the Old Port of Naoussa, where cool bars and gourmet restaurants gather people after sunset.

The Old Town of Naousa and Moraitis Winery are also in proximity – 7-10 minutes’ walk from Svoronos, as is the main bus station.

Since the public transport system on Paros is exemplary for an island, we used the buses few times, first to get from the Port in Parikia to Svoronos Bungalows, but also to enjoy a day on the amazing Kolymbithres Beach, both a 20-minutes’ ride away.

With the two beaches close by and all of Naousa’s attractions within walking distance, Svoronos Bungalows felt like the best choice for accommodation in Paros, not to mention a bargain, considering their night rate is 94€/$104 in high season, mid-July.

Summer vibes in Old Town Naoussa, Paros, GreeceOld Port of Naoussa - Paros, Cyclades, Greece

Svoronos Bungalows was our favorite accommodation during our honeymoon in Greece and the stunning Cycladic Island of Paros. Many thanks to Vassiliki for the heartwarming talk that made this story possible and to Oana for recommending me this traditional hotel in Naousa.

Ana - terrace at Bungalows Svoronos, Naousa, Paros

Honeymoon in Greece: Paros, Antiparos, Athens | July 2019 | All Photos ©Ana Matei > Instagram:@MateiAna

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