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A Design Lover’s Guide to Berlin

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2017)

Bohemian and unpredictable, Berlin seems to be a second Paris.

And that means full of creative people, a bit dangerous, but sheltering amazing design places, delightful street corners, great coffee spots, and interesting magazine shops.

Like moths to a flame, the French youngsters seem to be constantly perusing the city center looking for the next hip place. And if you walk the right streets, you too will see the city as a meet-up place for creative folks in Europe.

There are more museums than time to visit in a single trip, so it took us a really long time to decide upon where to go and what to leave out. We chose to mix history rich sites with Berlin’s main attractions, and managed to craft a design tour in situ.

If you are a design aficionado with little time on your hands, this tiny design guide to Berlin can help you pin point some attractions of the city from an aesthetics stand point.

Design Tour in Berlin (10 spots for the creative folks)

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, the archive of the most important design school of the 20th century, is my absolute favorite place in Berlin. From fashion to furniture and prints, this place is a paradise for design aficionados.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about history of design and the different teaching methods in just a few hours spent in this museum!

After considering all the techniques and methods used within this one-of-a-kind design school, you’re left wondering about your own learning habits. It was a revelation to discover just how much this small design movement has influenced many of today’s furniture and fashion designers, but also inspired most of our everyday objects.

Because you can’t take photos inside the Bauhaus Archiv, I bought the museum book and discovered it’s filled with even more interesting details about the Bauhaus artworks and teachings.

It’s an extraordinary place to visit, so you might want to linger more around here (I’ve spent 3 hours).

*Entry fee & Address

Bauhaus Archive Berlin

Bauhaus Design Museum

Luders Building or #ThatCircleAgain – the building with its own instagram hashtag, and the favorite place of instagramers around the world.

There’s something mesmerizing about the geometry of this place, so locals and tourists alike gather here to relax by the riverbed (and bikes constantly passing by its glass walls are great subjects for a StrideBy capture). You can find it at Platz der Republik 1.

Luders building - ThatCircleAgain

House of Small Wonders, the Japanese inspired gastro pub, has great textures and fixtures, beautiful light and green corners, as well as a great spiral staircase. Its interior styling makes it a lovely venue for design fans. It also serves a great brunch, so it was the perfect place to spend a slow morning in Berlin.  Read more about it in my article here.

House of Small Wonders - Berlin restaurant

Aesop, the only cosmetics shop in the world that really speaks design to me

The simplicity of this place, the carefully selected green tiles and its famous retro sinks make it a nice stop for design and cosmetics fans. There are two Aesop shops in Berlin, but I’ve chosen the one in Mitte due to its proximity to Do You Read Me magazine shop.

Aesop Berlin Mitte

Magazine Shops in Berlin are part of the city’s culture as much as the street art. Soda & Do You Read Me keep great collections and rare finds of design books and magazines, so you might want to check them out, if you’re looking for some nice reads.

*Address for Do You Read Me | Address for Soda

Baerck Concept Store is a random find of mine. It lies next to the Aesop show room in Mitte, and found its window styling captivating (for a clothing store). At the time of my visit, they were having a wonderful mix of light fixtures with hanging pots in their window, so nice it stopped me on my way, even if I was in a bit of hurry to catch the plane back home (address).

Monkey Bar & the 25 hours hotel in Bikini Berlin – This place is amazing and very popular among locals and tourist.

Some of my favorite creative corners in Bikini Berlin 25 hours Hotel were the dimly lit bread shop, the hammocks, the small boutique shop, and the hanging bikes on the gorgeous backdrop. Another beautiful design element is the ingenious lamp made from old magazines within the Monkey Bar (address).

Bikini Berlin 25 hours design hotel

German Museum of Technology / Deutsches Technikmuseum is not something one would usually consider on a design tour, but this one is pretty amazing. It has lots of interesting elements for product designers – like these gorgeously lit display cases for miniature ships (made from the most unusual prime materials – cloves, shells).

This place also holds a workshop on how to manufacture paper by hand. We were lucky enough to find it near the old typewriters collection, a hidden corner of this fascinating place. The museum also shelters a collection of old planes, and another one dedicated to the history of photography and German cameras. *entry fee & address

perfect place to take portraits - German Museum of Technology

Pergamon Museum is also a great venue for design lovers due to its many inspiring patterns. * entry fee & address

At the Gates of Babylon -Ishtar-Gate, Pergamon Museum

If you know other interesting design spots in Berlin, feel free to share them.

My mobile photos > Copyright: Ana Matei| Location: Berlin, Germany | Visited: March 2016

Hope you liked this tiny design tour in Berlin, and you’ll share it with your friends. Thank you

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