Bucharest Specialty Coffee Guide (Map & Photos)

Bucharest coffee scene is a flourishing one, with new specialty coffee shops opening every two months in the past couple years, and I couldn’t be happier about it. 26 specialty coffee shops are now open in Bucharest, making my home city a new pin on the European coffee destinations map. At this opening rate, it’s hard even for a local to test them all, but that’s a sweet goal for any coffee lover. My Bucharest Coffee Guide includes all known specialty coffee shops in the city, insights and observations, tested places, photos, and a Coffee Map of Bucharest. Specialty Coffee Scene in Bucharest Many specialty coffee shops in Bucharest use Origo or Guido as local suppliers, probably because they bring the best coffee from top farms in Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Peru and Argentina. I love coffee a lot, but have little knowledge about the magic process behind making the lifeline drink. (*At home, I use a stovetop coffee maker from Bialetti (for two years now), and it completely changed the way I experience the magic drink. It also helped with the serving because it’s much stronger now, therefore I only add … Continue reading Bucharest Specialty Coffee Guide (Map & Photos)